Time for well-being

This massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment that relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation,
removes toxins from the tissue and activates metabolism.
Fullbody Massage 50 min.
Back Massage 25 min.

€ 65,00
€ 38,00
AROMA OIL MASSAGE - Against stress
An all-round feel-good experience that appeals body and senses in order to maintain health as well as it influences the mind and soul in a positive way. techniques.
50 min.

€ 75,00
Pure relaxation - feel the pleasant effects of that special massage with warm candle-oil. A special kind of massage, which releases your muscles and you feel a deep relaxation. Due to its special properties, this massage ensures a soft and supple skin feeling. A pure well-being and skin care with this unique experience is guaranteed.
25 min.

€ 48,00
The zones and reflex areas on the feet can have a positive influence on the body‘s overall well-being. Reflexology stimulates the metabolism and kick-starts the body‘s self-healing mechanisms.
25 min.

€ 48,00

MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE - Face, legs or arms
This gentle way of treatment will affect the vascular system of the lymph. Lymph drainage make the fluids flow, waste products are transported out of the tissue, congestion conditions are corrected and the metabolism is stimulated. The light massage, which stimulates the lymphatic circulation, has a dehydrating and decongesting effect.
25 min.                                                                            
45 min.                                                                             


€ 48,00
€ 75,00

The kinesiological taping has its origins in Japan.
Main features of the Kinesio tape are functional improvement and support of the body's own healing mechanisms. Investment techniques include, for example, muscle tapes, lymph tapes, ligaments tapes or correction tapes.
20 min.


€ 33,00

CUPPING TREATMENT - Intensive back treatment
Cupping is an intensive treatment. By creating a vacuum through the suction glass which promotes blood circulation and activates the metabolism of the cell, it leads to
muscle relaxation, strengthens the internal organs and dissolves adhesions.
25 min.                                                                         


€ 48,00








Frau bei Massage im Sporthotel Alpin Zell am See

Relaxing massages

Our masseurs treat you to an experience of true well-being. You are welcome to book a massage appointment in advance of your arrival. Simply e-mail us with your desired appointment time.

Please note that our masseur is only available in the hotel on request and appointments must be made in advance.

Relaxing holidays in a perfect location

We will happily send you an individual quotation for a wonderfully relaxing holiday in Zell am See, simply send us a no-obligation enquiry.